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Business Grant Funding is Available

Accessing Business Grants – If it is available we can find it!

There is a myriad (over 8,000) of grant funding sources available to businesses. That is a barrier to most accessing them, but that is not the only one.

Once you find an open fund (they open and close regularly) appropriate to your proposition, you then need to understand the application process and what will be accepted. You need to understand the burecracy and how much of your time it will take to complete. You really need to know what will exclude an application, as generally, you will only get one chance to apply.

Fortunately, we have a Solution.

In order to help businesses with this process, we have in place a very special Member Exclusive offering, which works like this:-

  1. You complete a very straightforward preliminary application.
  2. We have the market searched for you (over 8,000 sources).
  3. If grant funding is available, a meeting is arranged to explain what can be obtained and the best way to access it.
  4. If you like what you see, we take you through to whole process, to drawdown of funds.
  5. If grant funding is not available to you, we will point you in the direction of alternative funding routes.

This system of support, saves you time and money and ensures you have the best prospect of success with finding the most appropriate source of funds.