Businesses and consumers rely on financial services all across Colorado Springs, CO. Everything from banking, to lending and borrowing, to tax consulting and bookkeeping, the need is continuous.


As you browse the businesses on our directory, you are sure to find what you need to help your business succeed in Colorado Springs.

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Other Services

We recognize that financial services are not the only need in Colorado Springs. One service that is always in high demand is counseling and therapy. While high demand is placed on us as individuals, spouses, business men and women, we often turn to counselors in Colorado Springs to help us through those difficult times.


Therefore, we are also featuring other business types that are dedicated to the growth, and sustainability of our wonderful city. Be sure to check back often for the most up to date list of local businesses.

Colorado Springs, CO

About Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, a city in Colorado is positioned at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains. It is very close to glacier-carved Pikes Peak, which is a landmark in the Pike National Forest that offers hiking trails and a cog railway which leads to its 14,114-ft. summit. The city’s Garden of the Gods park is well known for its iconic red sandstone formations and scenic mountain views.


Colorado Springs was founded on July 31, 1871 by General William Palmer, with the intention of creating a high-quality resort community, and was soon nicknamed “Little London” because of the many English tourists who came.


Within two years his flagship resort the Antlers Hotel opened, welcoming U.S. and international travelers as well as health-savvy individuals seeking the high altitude and dry climate, and Palmer’s visions of a thriving, quality resort town were coming true. Soon after, he founded the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, a critical regional railroad. He maintained his presence in the city’s early days by making many grants or sales of land to civic institutions. Palmer and his wife saw Colorado Springs develop into one of the most popular travel destinations in the late 1800s United States.


The town of Palmer Lake and a geographic feature called the Palmer Divide (and other more minor features) are named after him, and a bronze sculpture of Palmer on a horse is prominently displayed downtown in front of Palmer High School, at the center of the intersection of Nevada Avenue and Platte Avenue.

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